Code of Conduct

The Covid-19 Code of Conduct for staff and students helps to keep our community safe on our socially distanced campuses.

Although the risk of Covid-19 transmission remains, as students and staff return to campus we must adapt to new ways of studying and working.

This Code of Conduct aims to explain the changes to our environment; the necessary adaptations made to ensure our sites are Covid Secure, and outlines what we all need to do to make sure we keep each other safe. Failure to follow these behaviours could lead to an increase in infections and a localised outbreak on campus.

The main ways of reducing transmission are washing or sanitising your hands regularly, practising social distancing, and wearing a face covering. 

The Covid-19 Risk Assessment for the University of Kent details the control measures in place which must be adhered to by all those at risk, all University students and staff; contractors; delivery drivers and visitors. Subsequently, key safety measures have been implemented on campus, which must be adhered to by students and staff, whilst the threat of transmission remains.

The latest version is available below in both PDF and Word formats.

PLEASE NOTE: This Code of Conduct is likely to be subject to regular updates as it is aligned to Government guidance, which can change at very short notice.

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