David Turner

Emeritus Professor of Computation
 David Turner


I have spent most of my academic career at Kent, where I am now Emeritus Professor of Computation. I have also held professorships at the University of Texas at Austin, Queen Mary University of London, and Middlesex University. From 1972 to 1976 I was a Lecturer in Computational Science at the University of St Andrews.

I have a DPhil in Mathematics from Oxford University. I also hold an MA in Physics and a Diploma in Advanced Mathematics, both from Oxford. I am a Life Fellow of the British Computer Society and of the Royal Society of Arts. I have been a member of IFIP Working Group 2.8 on Functional Programming since its founding in 1987, and I am on the steering committee of the annual Symposium on Trends in Functional Programming. 

Research interests

Functional Programming
History of Programming Languages
Church's Thesis and Constructive Mathematics 

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