Mohamad Imad Mahaini

Computing Assistant Lecturer,
Research Student
+44 (0)1227 82 3822
 Mohamad Imad Mahaini


Imad has been part of the School of Computing at the University of Kent since 2016 and presently serves as an Assistant Lecturer. His earlier role was as a Research Associate from 2016 to 2019, contributing to the NeCS project.

Additionally, Imad is pursuing a Ph.D., focusing on the research theme "Community Analysis of Cyber Security Experts on Online Social Networks". Alongside his association with the University of Kent, Imad collaborates with Nottingham Trent University.

Research interests

Imad belongs to the following research groups:

His research areas fall in these areas: Cyber Security, Online Social Networks (OSNs), Human Aspects of Cyber Security, Influence and Trust, Taxonomies/Ontologies and Machine Learning.


Imad leads classes across many modules: 

As well as Algorithms, Databases, and Web-design.


Funded Projects

The European Network for Cyber Security (NECS) addresses the training and development of a European talent pool to help implement and support the European Cyber-security strategy2 as highlighted in the EC’s Digital Agenda.

PRIvacy-aware personal data management and Value Enhancement for Leisure Travellers. PriVELT aims to better explain how consumers make decisions to disclose personal information in exchange for values by drawing from theories in social sciences, including consumer psychology and behavioural economics.

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