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Senior Lecturer,
Year in Computing Course lead
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 Marek Grzes


Dr Marek Grzes is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Computing at the University of Kent.

Marek received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of York (UK) in 2010 for his work on reinforcement learning. Subsequently, he held research positions in Scotland and Canada before joining the School of Computing at Kent in 2015 as a lecturer. Marek is interested in both fundamental and applied machine learning research. The practical applications of artificial intelligence that he has been exploring in recent years are natural language processing, computational creativity, cybersecurity, and social economics, among others. Marek also teaches modules related to data analysis and artificial intelligence. Visit Mark's personal website for more information about his work.  

Academic Genealogy

Please find a fairly deep tree of Marek's academic ancestors here.

Research interests

Marek belongs to the following research groups:

Marek's current research efforts focus on various aspects of machine learning and artificial intelligence: Markov decision processes, reinforcement learning, neural networks, decision trees, natural language processing, chatbots, and probabilistic inference. For several years, Marek was focusing mostly on reinforcement learning where the goal is to learn intelligent behaviour using data or sampling from a real or a simulated environment. For example, an algorithm can learn how to play a game using a set of past games, or it can play against a human or a simulator in order to improve its behaviour. His work on sequential decision-making included also planning where an algorithm knows the parameters (dynamics) of the game, and it can perform a direct optimisation of its own strategy. In his past life, Marek invested part of his professional time in research on nature-inspired algorithms for optimisation and machine learning.

Please find a full list of Marek's publications here.   


In the School of Computing, we engage in collaborative teaching where most modules are shared between at least two academics. Marek is involved in teaching the following modules:


Reinforcement learning; AI; deep learning; neural networks

PhD Students

Past Research Students

  • Farhana Ferdousi Liza (Senior Research Officer at the University of Essex)
    PhD degree approved in 2020
    Thesis title: Improving Training of Deep Neural Network Sequence Models


An up-to-date account of Marek's professional activities can be found here.

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