Portrait of Laura Bocchi

Laura Bocchi

Deputy Admissions Officer (PGR)


My research spans several areas, which include software engineering, concurrency and formal methods. I am interested in theories and tools for developing safe distributed systems. I am particularly interested in the formal foundations of service coordination and composition, business processes and their transactional behaviour, and the theory and application of behavioural types. Most recently, I have been working on the extension of Multiparty Session Types with logics to enable Design by Contract for concur rency, and the effective verification of real-time systems.

Research interests

I belong to the following research groups:

Moreover, I am Associate Member of the Kent Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Cyber Security (KirCCS), and a collaborator of the Mobility Reading Group where I am contributing to extending Scribble with assertions and time.


  • CO887 -- Web-Based Information Systems Development
  • CO661 -- Theory and Practice of Concurrency (convenor)
  • CO886 -- Software Engineering (convenor)


Here is list of projects I am or was involved in:


    TRENDS 2019 - 31 August, 2019, CWI, Amsterdam (Keynote Speaker)
    CONCUR 2019 - 27-30 August, 2019, CWI, Amsterdam (Enjoying the talks)
    ESOP 2019 - 8-11 April, 2019, Prague, Czech Republic - (Author)
    S-REPLS 11 - 8 February, 2019, London, UK - (attending and presenting my latest work on timed session types)
    Beat 2019 - 13-19 January, 2019, Lisbon, Portugal (PC member)
    ABCD Meeting 2018 - 17-18 December, 2018, London, UK (attending and presenting my latest work on timed session types)
    CONCUR 2018 - 4-7 September, 2018, Beijing, China - (Author)
    Start my participation to the AURORA programme - 8 March, 2018, London, UK
    Kick off meeting of (H2020-MSCA-RISE-2017) project BehAPI - 1-2 March, 2018, University of Malta, Malta.
    Research Seminar - "From time-sensitive models to time-sensitive programs" - 16 February, 2018, University of Leicester, UK
    ICE 2017 - 22 June, Neuchâtel, Switzerland - (ICEcreamer)
    4PAD 2017 (special session at PDP) - 6-8 March, St. Petersburg, Russia - (PC member)
    KCW 2016 - Kent Concurrency Workshop - 21-22 July, Canterbury, UK
    Lectures series on Multiparty Session types -- lectures slides :
  • parts 1 & 2 (types and processes),
  • part 3 (properties and typing),
  • part 4 (advanced topics)
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