Carlos Perez Delgado

Library Liaison Officer
+44 (0)1227 8 16534
 Carlos Perez Delgado


Information is physical. Hence, our ability to obtain, process, communicate, and secure information is ultimately governed by the laws of physics.

My main area of work has been to further our knowledge of the advantages and limitations that quantum theory conveys to communication, computation, metrology, and security.

Research interests

I belong to the following research groups:

Some of my contributions include:

  • An intrinsically quantum data-structure for representing undirected graphs that provably out-performs any possible classical data-structure.
  • An approach for delegated —secure or otherwise— quantum computation that can drastically reduce the communication overhead between computing nodes.
  • Fundamental limits on the communication overhead of any secure delegated quantum computation.
  • Fundamental limits on the accuracy of any quantum measurement
  • An approach for performing efficient quantum measurements in otherwise difficult to measure scenarios.


COMP3830 (Convenor)
COMP8220 (Convenor) 

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