Term dates and timetable

Our teaching year comprises of two 12-week teaching terms. The third term extends over the summer and is used for examinations and dissertation writing. These dates are harmonised across Canterbury and Brussels to facilitate movement of staff and students between the two locations.
Year Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
2020/21 Mon 28 Sep - Fri 18 Dec 2020 Mon 18 Jan - Fri 9 Apr 2021 Mon 10 May - Fri 17 Sep 2021
2021/22 Mon 27 Sep - Fri 17 Dec 2021 Mon 17 Jan - Fri 8 Apr 2022 Mon 9 May - Fri 16 Sep 2022
2022/23 Mon 26 Sep - Fri 16 Dec 2022 Mon 16 Jan - Fri 7 Apr 2023 Mon 8 May - Fri 15 Sep 2023

Lecture schedule

The Timetable for 2021-22 is below. Please note that the timetable is correct at the date of publication and is subject to change.

In addition to their chosen classes, students will take a series of lectures, workshops and seminars in Fundamentals, Dissertation and Research (FDR), the dissertation module.

The FDR seminars do not appear on the schedule below.   

Please note the timetable is subject to change. The draft date is noted on top of the page.

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