Before you apply to Brussels, it's important to get feedback from the people who know it best - the students.

Brussels School of International Studies (BSIS) has a vibrant and growing alumni network. After they study in Europe at BSIS, graduates enter a wide range of careers in many different sectors. Read about some of them here. Or follow us on linkedin to discover our alumni spotlight series

Profile picture of Dario Sabbioni

Dario Sabbioni, Political Strategy / Communication

"I had a great deal of fun with colleagues and other expats working/studying in Brussels. We created a small community of people living together in the surroundings of the BSIS, which made it possible to study together."

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Profile picture of Karina Shklyan

Karina Shklyan, International Migration

"The research skills and analytical capabilities I learned at BSIS, in addition to the contacts I made, have been crucial to my success."

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Profile picture of Tobias Gehrke

Tobias Gehrke, International Law

"The Brussels job market is exciting – but it is also very competitive for graduates. Young, well-educated, multilingual talent flocks to Brussels in a continuous stream. Most get a few internships under their belt during their studies"

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Profile picture of Rebecca Gomez

Rebecca Gomez, International Political Economy

"All of the non-academic experiences are valuable, so take advantage of as many as you can! On one of my courses we went to Parliament to see the EU-Vietnam trade deal being negotiated, and in another class we took a trip to NATO."

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Profile picture of Yasmin Matarezi

Yasmin Matarezi, Human Rights Law

"The variety of interesting modules offered by the Institution was also of particular importance, as well as the possibility to pursue a secondary area of specialisation, which in my case was International Law."

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Profile picture of Zulaykhah Aileru

Zulaykhah Aileru, International Law

"Networking is truly valuable during your studies. I strongly recommend attending as many events, seminars and conferences as possible."

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Profile picture of Máté Bajtay

My primary advice to current students at BSIS is to make the most of socialising and networking in Brussels with like-minded people and constantly looking for the opportunities to meet new and interesting individuals.