Drama at Kent

Drama at Kent

Attending one of our Drama at Kent workshops is an exciting opportunity to prepare for studying Drama, Theatre and Performing Arts at University.  

Designed for our undergraduate Drama, Theatre and Performing Arts applicants, the sessions are dedicated not only preparing you for higher education, but also will also help you secure your place at Kent!

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What to expect

The workshops will involve a friendly and supportive activity with some of our Drama staff and students, followed by an informal ‘getting to know you’ group interview. This is not a practical 'audition' and you are not required to prepare material beforehand.

The sessions offer you the opportunity to speak to staff and students about studying at Kent, and allow us to get to know you a little bit better so we can offer support through your journey to higher education.

Information about the workshops will be sent to you shortly after you’ve received an offer to study Drama, Theatre and Performing Arts at Kent.


Our Commitment

We hold a commitment to accept any applicants who attend a 'Drama at Kent' Workshop at one grade below their initial offer.

Where a qualification does not attract UCAS points, your participation in 'Drama at Kent' will be taken into consideration should you narrowly miss the conditions of your offer.

We are committed to the University’s position of considering applicants who narrowly miss the conditions of their offer and for qualifications with UCAS points the Kent Guarantee will only apply for a 1 grade drop in a subject which is primarily academic writing based, such as English Literature, Law or Business.


Contact Us

We keep in contact with applicants by email, so please do ensure your details are kept up to date, so we can keep you in touch with you throughout the application process.  

If you have any further questions about our Drama at Kent workshops, or your application generally, you can contact us via your Kent Vision portal. 

Alternatively you can get in touch via the methods below:

Email artshumsadmissions@kent.ac.uk 

Telephone +44 (0) 1227 824792