Planning and strategy

University Plan 2015 - 2020


We are a forward-thinking research institution, committed to the transformative power of education and research and to the development and support of our students and staff.

Our objective is to secure our position as a top 20 UK university and be a globally recognised research institution by 2020.


We will achieve this through:

  • The delivery of research of the highest quality, meeting international standards of excellence across the full range of our subjects
  • The provision of an excellent education to our students, delivered by world-class researchers
  • Strengthening our reputation for excellence, regionally, nationally and internationally, through effective engagement and communication with our communities and the wider world


The vision

By 2020, we will have firmly secured our position as a UK top twenty university and be a globally recognised research institution. We will build on our distinctive position as the UK’s European university to extend our reach and impact across the world and become a beacon of excellence in education and research in our region, the UK and internationally. Our global reputation will be built on the application of our knowledge and expertise to find solutions to some of the world’s major challenges.


Strategic objectives

We aim to attain the highest standards of research, judged by international comparators, across our range of subjects; to raise Kent’s research standing and visibility worldwide and embed a research culture in our academic and innovation activities.

We aim to provide an excellent education, delivered by world-class researchers and accomplished educators, to all those who have the ability and are ambitious and motivated to learn. We will do this through the provision of programmes informed by our research and designed to reflect contemporary and societal issues and which take full advantage of the facilities and resources at all our study locations.

We aim to build a clear and distinctive reputation for excellence through strategic engagement and good communications with our regional, national and international communities, and to increase engagement with our students, staff, alumni and stakeholders in support of our ambition to become recognised as an institution of international calibre.



Corporate Communications

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Last Updated: 09/11/2015