International Pathways

Pre-sessional courses

These specially designed courses prepare international students for study at Kent, developing skills in:

  • Academic writing and reading
  • Listening to lectures and listening in the general academic environment
  • Using information and note-taking
  • Speaking in seminars and giving presentations
  • Critical thinking and UK Academic Culture
  • IT and using word-processing and presentation software

New 6-week Medway campus Pre-sessional course


Download a pdf version of the leaflet here.



Frequently Asked Questions

Which Block should I apply for?

To apply for one of our courses, you will need to have a recent IELTS test. The Block that you can apply for depends on both your English language qualification and your intended programme of study.

To evaluate your score, please click the link below:

If you are still unsure which Block you should apply for, or require further advice, then please do not hesitate to contact us at

When does the course start?

You can view the start dates for each of our courses at the link below:

Which documents do I need to support my application?

To support your application, you will need the following:

  1. Your Secure English Language Test certificate – the validity of these tests is 2 years. Important! From 06 April 2015, only IELTS and Trinity College London English language tests will be accepted by the Home Office as secure English Language tests (SELTS) for immigration purposes. A PTE Academic test will only be valid if you took it before 06 April 2015 and you are applying for your UK visa by 05 November 2015.
  2. Passport data page
  3. Any previous UK visas

Please upload colour copies of these to your application via the ‘Documents’ section.

If I attend the Pre-sessional course, will I be able to progress directly to my main programme?

No, the Pre-sessional course does not guarantee automatic progression. You must meet the required exit level in your final assessments on the Pre-sessional. This level is set by the School you wish to progress to.

Do I need to take another IELTS at the end of the course?

No, you will sit our own exam at the end of the course; this is called the KITE (Kent International Test of English).

How do I apply for accommodation?

When you make your application for one of our Pre-sessional courses, please select ‘Yes’ under ‘Are you applying for accommodation?’

What type of accommodation is available?

You will be staying in a 5 bedroom house, with a shared kitchen and bathroom. Please advise if you require single sex accommodation.
We have a limited number of en suite rooms (a room with a private bathroom) available for some of our Blocks, at an additional charge. You can book this via the online payment system.

I have a warning note with my Conditional offer. What does this mean?

A warning note will be added to offers where English language scores are lower than the level that we would usually expect for the Block that you applied for. We would still accept your application, but we would be very concerned that you would not be able to obtain the required level at the end of the Pre-sessional course.

How can I pay for the course?

If you are privately funded, please use the payment link below:

This is the most secure and quickest method.
If you are a sponsored student, you will need to provide a financial support letter from your sponsor, stating your name, the course dates, and the amount awarded to you. This should be uploaded to your application.

How do I make my offer Unconditional?

To make your offer Unconditional, we need to receive your payment or sponsorship letter for the course.

When will I receive my CAS?

Once you have accepted your Unconditional offer, your CAS will be issued within 7 – 10 days. Please leave enough time to apply for and receive your visa to ensure you are in the UK to start your course on time.

Can I leave the course early/arrive late?

No. Each course follows an intensive learning syllabus which means that even the shortest break could affect your chances of passing. However, there may be exceptional circumstances which we would deal with on a case by case basis. Late arrivals are strongly discouraged.



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