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This report outlines the social, cultural and economic benefit of the University of Kent to the county of Kent and south east England.

The University makes a major economic contribution to the region estimated at £0.6bn of economic worth during 2009/10. That includes direct and 'knock-on' effects of the University's activites including the spending power of our students. In addition nearly 6,800 jobs in the south east are either supported directly or generated by the 'knock-on' effects.

In addition, we are a major employer. We are an investor in music, theatre and art and have extensive sports facilities well-used by the public. Many of our former students have remained in the region and our current students make a significant volunteering contribution to the local community. We bring visitors from all over the world to Kent, work with local schools to help children see the value of higher education and offer free legal advice and support to the people of the region.

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The University and its students generated £0.6bn for the south east region

The University and the economy

Universities are important to their regions, providing income as well as education.

The University is a substantial, efficiently run business, with a total revenue of £173m earned from a variety of educational and related services.

The bulk of the University's income, 82%, is from tuition fees, research income and some government funding. But it also earns from a range of other sources, including consultancy, residential and catering services, conferences and facilities hire.

The University's total expenditure in 2009/10 was just over £158m. Staff costs account for 60% of this. The University itself buys goods and services and wherever possible, uses suppliers from the local region.

In addition, it has a 'knock-on' effect on the economy. It is estimated that this generates an additional £218.66m for UK industries, £187.89m of which is in the south east, particularly in the areas immediately surrounding the Canterbury and Medway campuses.

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20,000 students spending stimulates additional output and creates jobs

Student spending power

The University of Kent has nearly 20,000 students studying in Canterbury, Medway, Tonbridge, Brussels, Paris and Athens. Many are potential customers for Kent businesses and services.

Despite the increased growth in online shopping, students spend a great deal in
the local area, buying goods and services which in turn generate output and
employment in the south east and beyond.

3,572 students from outside the UK spent an estimated £30.4m off campus. This generated £42.71m of output, of which £36.81m was in the south east, and over 404 full-time jobs in the UK, of which 360 were in the south east.

8,387 students from outside the south east spent an estimated £74.5m. This generated £90.19m of output in the south east and over 882 jobs.

7,665 local students spent £69.2m, generating £83.81m of output and
more than 820 jobs.

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We bring visitors from around the UK and across the world to Kent

Visitor attractions

By bringing in visitors from the UK, the rest of the EU and further afield, the University helps to promote Kent as a visitor destination.

University Open Days and graduation ceremonies draw in parents, relations and friends, all to the benefit of the region’s hotels and B&Bs.

In addition, our former students are drawn back to region through our alumni networks and our strong ties with the continent and 100 university partners encourage student exchange.

The University is the largest conference venue in the south east, and we were awarded Best University Accommodation for Groups for the fourth year running at the 2011 Group Travel Awards.

Our student accommodation is available for visitors in the holidays, and has been given three/four star campus grading by Enjoy England, the website of the national tourist board Visit England.

In just one year, 1,635 visitor events were held on campus, we hosted 42,578 residential delegates and 147,715 nights’ accommodation was sold during vacation periods generating a total income of £3.3m.

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Opportunities to get involved


We are a major employer and generate additional jobs in the region

Studying the jobs market

With around 2,500 jobs, from lecturers to gardeners, we are a major employer.

For every 100 full time-equivalent jobs created in the University, another 96 jobs are generated outside the University, 85 of them in the south east.

As you might expect for a leading university, with some of the best teaching and research in the country, many of those we employ are academic professionals. But as a diverse organisation, we employ people with a wide range of skills and levels of qualification.

Jobs you may not immediately associate with a university include drivers, retail and catering staff, welfare workers and caretakers. As well as competitive salaries, advantages of working with us include a wide range of learning and development opportunities, from general skills to pre-retirement courses.

In addition to staff employed directly by the University, our expenditure has a noticeable effect on additional employment. This is estimated to generate a further 2,436 jobs, 2,172 of them in the south east. This makes us a major
contributor to the jobs market in the area.

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Over 27,000 of our graduates have remained in the region

At your service

Whether they are originally from the south east or have come to study at Kent from elsewhere, many of our graduates remain in the area and contribute to the local community.

Over 27,000 graduates of the University of Kent have stayed in Kent.

Through local work placements relating to their degrees, or through volunteering and other community activities, our students develop ties to the area. This is encouraged by both the University and by Kent Union, the students' union, which together work to instil in our students a sense of neighbourliness and
pride in where they live, work and study.

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We help individuals, entrepreneurs and all sizes of business to flourish

Business to business

From individuals with an idea but not the know-how to turn it into a business, or SMEs wanting to  develop, to corporations needing training or research, the University of Kent can help.

With worldwide expertise, state-of-the-art facilities and highly trained staff, we are perfectly positioned to provide innovative solutions that give companies the
competitive edge.

We work with a wide range of organisations, across all sectors. Our dedicated business development unit, Kent Innovation & Enterprise (KIE) ensures that University resources are easily accessible to businesses.

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Kent Law Clinic has handled over 10,000 queries from local people

Legal services

Kent Law Clinic provides free legal advice for local people.

In a wonderfully successful partnership between students, academics, and around 50 solicitors and barristers in practice locally and in London, Kent Law Clinic provides a public service for local people who need legal advice or legal representation but cannot afford to pay for it. It also gives students of Kent Law School direct experience of legal practice, always under the close supervision
of qualified lawyers, and significantly enhances their knowledge and understanding of law.

It is the longest-running example of such a university-based clinic in the country, and has received numerous awards recognising its work, most recently the prestigious 2011 Attorney General's Award for the Best Contribution by a Law School for its community pro bono work.

Read more in the full Regional Impact pdf.



Our extensive sports facilities are used by schools, groups and the public

Sport for all

We have extensive sports facilities for all abilities and needs, from amateur enthusiasts to professional sports people.

With membership open to the public, our extensive Canterbury campus sports facilities include a variety of playing fields, tennis courts, two multi-use sports halls, a cardio/fitness suite and a dance studio. We run a programme of widely varying classes and there's even a café where you can relax when it's all over.

If you're not sure where to start, you can use our fitness consultation service to discuss your lifestyle and goals, and book review sessions with our fully trained instructors.

Meanwhile at our Medway campus, the Centre for Sport Studies offers professional services to the public such as sport and exercise testing, psychology and nutrition consultations, rehabilitation gym and a sports therapy clinic.

We have committed £3m towards the creation of Medway Park, a regional centre of sporting excellence. We are delighted that the venue has been approved as a 2012 training camp for 13 Olympic and eight Paralympic sports.

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We welcome the public to share in the cultural life of the University

Entertaining and informing

From catching the latest independent film to singing with our students and staff, we welcome everyone to share in the cultural life of the University.

Students of all subjects get involved in a wide range of extra-curricular music activities. The University also presents a number of major concerts in the city and on the Canterbury campus which are open to the public we welcome and encourage the local community to participate as performers.

We run an Open Lecture series in which prestigious guest speakers cover a wide variety of topics. Everyone is welcome – the lectures are free, and no booking is needed.

Since the opening of the Gulbenkian theatre in 1969, the arts centre has grown and now encompasses a fantastic digital cinema, a brilliant theatre, a vibrant café bar which is often used for small performances and a crossover gallery.

Over 75,000 seats were sold for performances and cinema screenings at the Gulbenkian during 2011.

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We work to encourage children to see the value of higher education

Reaching out to schools

The University of Kent’s involvement with schools and colleges encourages young people to see the value of higher education and the part that it could play in their lives.

Our outreach work introduces school and college students to the challenges and opportunities of a university education through a range of stimulating activities delivered both in school and on campus.

The Partner School Scheme includes more than 80 activities covering 26 subject areas. Since September 2006, the University has awarded more than £500,000 in partner scholarships. The University runs over 200 events each year for partner schools and colleges on campus and in schools.

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Our students dedicate over 46,000 hours to volunteering each year

Giving something back

We have a strong tradition of volunteering – a great way of allowing our students to play a valuable part in the community.

We have strong ties with charities, including local homelessness charities Porchlight and Catching Lives, Samaritans, Kent Wildlife Trust, Guides, and Kent Library Hospital Service. We are delighted to encourage these activities and many more with the Kent Student  Certificate for Volunteering. Around 1,800 students dedicate over 46,000 hours to volunteering each year. In 2010/11, RaG raised £90,000 for charity.

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We care about the environment, save CO2 and recylcle 54.7% of all waste

Green matters

With stunning locations – the Canterbury campus is in acres of parkland, and the Medway campus is part of Chatham Maritime – environmental matters  are close to our hearts.

For many years, the University of Kent has invested in energy conservation projects, and encourages all staff and students to be green-minded. In recognition of our carbon reduction and commitment to ongoing reductions, we were first awarded the Carbon Trust Standard in 2009 and have just been
recertified. We are proud that our energy efficiency strategies have put us on target to reduce 80% of our carbon emissions between 1990 and 2050.

We have four main green initiatives focussing on energy efficiency, waste reduction, green thinking and Fairtrade.

2,457 tonnes CO2 were saved in the past 12 months and 54.7% of all waste is recycled. We have been a designated Fairtrade university since 2006.

Read more in the full Regional Impact pdf.


This impact summary is based on a study conducted by independent consultants Viewforth Consulting, published in autumn 2011.

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