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Guidelines for use of teaching rooms

Staff and students are expected to consider the following guidelines for the use of teaching rooms.

  • Rooms booked must be accessible to all attending an event. Events which are open to all must be held in accessible rooms. It is the responsibility of the individual making the booking to ensure the suitability of the room: Please see the Teaching Room Information page.
  • Teaching begins at five minutes past the hour and finishes at five minutes to the hour. This allows students and staff time to travel between rooms for consecutive classes. Courtesy and promptness are appreciated.
  • Students with queries about their timetable should in the first instance consult the Student Data System and then their academic school office. Academic schools are responsible for processing changes to seminar group allocations.
  • Food or drink is not permitted in teaching rooms.
  • Rooms should be left clean and tidy for subsequent users. This includes cleaning boards after use.
  • It should not be assumed that if a room has been used for teaching in one term that it is automatically available in subsequent terms. The timetables quote the weeks for which a room is booked - in particular pay attention to designated reading weeks as other events may be using rooms at these times.
  • The demand for rooms of all sizes is considerable in all three terms and it is essential that the Timetabling Office is informed immediately if a room which is allocated for teaching or a meeting is subsequently not required.
  • In case of equipment faults in a room contact Audio Visual Services on extension 4888 or by e-mail: helpdesk@kent.ac.uk.
  • In case of building or facilities issues contact Estates Customer Services on extension 16666 or by e-mail: estatescustomerservices@kent.ac.uk
  • Staff can submit suggestions for future refurbishment via the room issues reporting site, students should do so through their Course Reps and Staff Student Liaison Committees.

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