Your student timetable

A typical timetable may be made up of lectures, seminars, labs and non-modular events such as inductions or skills sessions. Your timetable is found in KentVision, which can feed through iCal to view on your phone or tablet.

When is my timetable available?

Your student timetable will start to become available from two weeks before the start of the academic year. 

Your 2023/24 timetable was published on the week commencing 11 September 2023. Level 3, 4 and 7 module group events were released towards the end of Welcome Week (week commencing 18 September 2023).

You must be registered for all your modules before you can see your timetable - you can check your registration status in KentVision.

If you have recently been registered on a module, there may be a delay to this showing on your timetable; it may not update until the day after your module or course change has been confirmed.

How can I view my timetable?


Your timetable can be accessed from KentVision, where you will find the most up to date information. Your timetable in KentVision has been optimised for viewing on a phone, tablet or laptop. We have guidance on how to view your student timetable.


You can also integrate your timetable with a personal calendar (eg Outlook calendar) on a mobile or computer through iCal. Please note that iCal takes longer to update and KentVision should always be your source of truth when looking at your timetable. To integrate your timetable through iCal, go to the my study webpage and click the cog in the top right hand corner to see the subscribe to calendar options. The ongoing accuracy of the data will depend on how frequently your calendar application is checking for updates.

Please check your timetable regularly for updates as it can change during the course of the term. Your Division should contact you with any urgent alterations.

Changes to your timetable

Due to class cancellations, rescheduling or additional sessions, it may be necessary for changes to be made to your timetable throughout the year.

It important to check your timetable regularly for any updates. For any urgent alterations, your division should also contact you by email or text.

Requesting changes to your module(s) or seminar group(s)

It may be possible for you to change module(s) or seminar group(s), depending on how far it is into term. Consider carefully why you want to change and check that the new module is what you expect it to be. You should also check with your Division that the new module or group does not create any clashes in your timetable.

Full details of how to change your modules seminar group or course can be found on the Student Administration website. If you are sure you want to make a change, please contact your Division's Administration team.

Troubleshoot your timetable

If you have any queries about your timetable, please view our troubleshoot your timetable page to find a solution.

Your exams timetable

2023 timetable

The summer exams timetable will be published towards the end of the Spring term, usually before the Easter vacation and at least a week before the exams period. Further details will be provided closer to the time.

Please see our guidance on how to view your exam timetable.

Exam timetable clash

If there is a clash on your exam timetable, please contact

Students with an Inclusive Learning Plan (ILP)

Please note that any extra time you have been allocated through your ILP will not show on your timetable. You will receive confirmation of your extra time prior to the exam period from Student Support and Wellbeing.

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