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Technician Commitment Working Group

Technician Commitment Working Group

The Technician Commitment working group is comprised of IT, technical and professional services staff representatives from across the University and from a wide range of disciplines. The working group was established to promote the 4 principles of the Technician Commitment: visibility, recognition, career development and sustainability. The group works with all IT and technical services staff within the University to deliver the Technician Commitment action plan.

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Dr Daniel Knox, Head of Endpoint IT & Technical Services

"The Technician Commitment is a national university and research initiative that recognises the importance of Technicians and Technical Staff, and the vital part they play in delivering the very best student experience and internationally recognised research and innovation. Our university has pledged to improve our local environment and to this end in 2021 we published our ambitious set of actions to support the visibility, recognition, career develop and sustainability impact of all technicians.

However, the Technician Commitment and our accompanying action plan is not just words on a piece of paper, as Head of Profession for Technical Services, I believe our commitment is very much about delivering tangible action that our colleagues can see happening on-the-ground. To ensure we deliver on our pledge, I’m pleased to announce that a newly reformed working group has been established to lead and jointly oversee, along with the Divisional IT and Technical Services Management Group, its implementation. The membership of this group is comprised of technicians from across the university who have volunteered to champion each of the pillars of the technician commitment, they are also joined by representatives from RIS, HR and EDI who will lend their expert knowledge. Together I hope that we will see real progress in delivering each of the actions that we have set out and ensure that the voices of technical services staff are represented and heard at every level of the university."

Working Group Members

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