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Technical Services

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Technicians make it happen

The University of Kent recognises the importance of Technicians across all areas of the organisation and the vital part they play in delivering the very best student experience, internationally recognised research and innovation, and supporting the community as part of the University’s civic mission.

Through the national Technician Commitment programme, the University has pledged to support the visibility, recognition, career development , sustainability and impact of all technicians.

What is a Technician?

A technician is:

  • a person who is trained, experienced and skilled in techniques, tools, and technology and
  • who draws upon these, exercising ingenuity, creativity, inductive/deductive methods, and through the use of specialised instruments/equipment,
  • in practical applications, including hands-on support and problem-solving,
  • contribute to education, research, and enterprise activities.



The University of Kent signed up to the Technician Commitment in September 2017, joining over 50% of other universities in the UK.

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