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Quantitative Research (Kent Quant GROUP Summer School)


This is an introductory course to quantitative methods and statistics. The course starts with the very core elements of statistical analysis and covers descriptive statistics for categorical and continuous data, analysis of contingency tables, proportions, measures of central tendency and dispersion, before moving onto correlation and simple linear regression and working up to multiple linear regression. The course finishes with a brief overview of further regression techniques such as logistic regression and is designed to prepare students for further statistical courses in later years. It is designed to give a good grounding in the use of the statistical software SPSS.


Throughout the course the students will work in multi-disciplinary groups including both international and Kent undergraduates from across the social sciences. The program is based on a problem-based learning initiative framework. In this learning model the teachers (or instructor) give the tools, via lectures and seminars, to enable to students to conduct an investigation into a real-world problem that they get to define. The group project of 4 or 5 students is where they apply the knowledge they are learning to a problem that they define and of direct interest to them on the theme of gender and society.

This module aims to develop key statistical skills in students. Learning will be oriented towards:

  • Assessing the strengths and limitations of using regression analysis for the establishment of causal inference; This includes:
    • Distinction between causality, correlation or association
    • Levels of measurement (e.g. nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio)
    • Methods of regression analysis (e.g. OLS and logistic regression) and related assumptions
  • Learning how to respond to research questions with the application of statistical methods of analysis, mainly regression methods, with the help of statistical software.
  • Learning how to interpret the outcome of regression models and contextualise the results within broader theories.

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The Quantitative Methods Summer School is part of the University of Kent Summer School programme. It will allow you to make lasting connections with students from around the world, studying a range of subjects but sharing your own enthusiasm. International study will enable you to gain a deeper understanding of another culture, make lifelong friends from a wide variety of backgrounds and benefit from globally-renowned academic excellence.

Please note: if you are a current Kent Social Sciences student seeking to add Quantitative Methods to your undergraduate degree please visit

Arrival date: Sunday 17 June - Sunday 01 July 2018

Providing School: School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research

Campus: Canterbury

Credit Transfer Option: 15 Credits (ECTS 7.5) for transfer purposes.

Price: £1500 for two weeks. Includes tuition, accommodation, teaching materials, welcome meal, organised trips and full library access





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