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KE104 - Student Mentoring at University (Canterbury Campus OR Medway Campus)

Dates: Every Tuesday OR Wednesday during weeks 6-11 and 13-18 (Canterbury)
Canterbury Times: 13:00-14:00 OR 14:00 - 15:00
Medway Times: 14:00 - 15:00 every Wednesday during weeks 6-11 and 13-18
Number of hours: 12 hours (12x 1 hour sessions)
Employability Points: 60 points maximum (Based on 100% attendance)
Location: Canterbury campus OR Medway Campus

mentoring at university

Student Mentoring at University

This course will provide an understanding of mentoring in an academic setting and a recognition of how the skills gained can be applied in the workplace.  For those already mentoring on the Academic Peer Mentoring Scheme, the course will enhance and extend the skills learned in training, and those new to mentoring will develop an understanding of the core elements of how to support their peers.

Course outline

Week 1: Introduction to mentoring
Week 2: Becoming a reflective mentor
Week 3: Mentors' characteristics
Week 4: Learning styles and mentoring
Week 5: Mentoring and academic support
Week 6: Mid-year Review
Week 7: Equality and diversity
Week 8: Cross cultural communication
Week 9: Guest speaker 1 Mental Health and Wellbeing at Kent
Week 10: Guest speaker 2 Careers & employability: building your CV
Week 11: Research on Mentoring
Week 12: Evaluating mentoring - presentations

Learning outcomes

  • On successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

    • Understand the role of mentoring at university
    • Communicate effectively with other students face to face and via email
    • Guide small groups of students in their learning and facilitate discussion
    • Work effectively as part of a small team
    • Reflect on the skills of mentoring such as communication, problem solving, team work and leadership

This course will be running at both our Canterbury and Medway campuses. Please ensure you sign up for the correct course.




KE148 - U. N. I. (You and I) Protect

Dates: Every Tuesday or Friday during weeks 3-5 inclusive
Times: 10:00-11:30
Number of hours: 4.5 hours (3x 1.5 hour sessions)
Employability Points: 15 points maximum (Based on 100% attendance)
Location: Canterbury Campus

UNI Protect

U.N.I. (You and I) Protect

Course outline

The ‘U.N.I (You and I) Protect’ movement encourages students to be active bystanders by equipping students with the skills to recognise and safely intervene in an instance of sexual harassment or abuse.

The course will be delivered in three workshops by experienced facilitators and each workshop will last approximately 1.5 hours.
You will be asked to complete an anonymous ‘Social norms’ questionnaire in the first session and will be asked to provide feedback at the end of the course.

There will be no homework but resources and readings are available on the Moodle site if you wish to learn more about the issues raised in the workshop.

Please note that there are important ground rules to consider for this course, specifically around confidentiality and please also be aware that throughout the course the group will be discussing sensitive issues. The sessions are run by experienced Facilitators who can help and support the participants and the Wellbeing Team are also available for support, if needed.


Learning outcomes

  • On successful completion of this course students will be able to:
    • Understand what a ‘bystander’ is, form ideas about the types of situations which might call for a bystander intervention and become confident and motivated active bystanders.
    • Develop familiarity with intervention strategies and be safe and comfortable practising intervention behaviours
    • Understand that individuals can often be mistaken about others’ beliefs and values
    • Understand why sexual violence and domestic violence is a problem in society and in student populations
    • Recognise the links between sexist attitudes, discriminatory practices and gender based violence; and,
    • Understand more detail about rape and sexual assault including rape ‘myths’, male rape and sexual assault, law definitions and issues around consent


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