Terms and conditions

As a student committing to take a Study Plus course, you should take the following steps before signing up to join a session or a series of sessions:
  • Consult the course details provided on 
    Uni Kent Careers Hub and only sign up for a course that you can manage, both in terms of timetabling and workload. Make sure that you are aware if there is any homework required.
  • Consider your workload for your main programme of study. This should be your main priority - be sure not to take on other commitments if you feel your main studies might suffer. 
  • Be sure not to sign up for a course if you feel you may not be able to attend all sessions.  
  • If you wish to withdraw from a Study Plus course which you have signed up for, you must do so one full week in advance of the course start emailing us at studyplus@kent.ac.uk.
  • Add the scheduling details of your Study Plus Course to your diary and make a note so that you remember when the sessions will take place.
  • If you're not sure if any particular course would suit you, you can email studyplus@kent.ac.uk for further details.
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