LGBT History Month

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LGBT+ History Month

February is LGBT+ History Month in the UK. In 2024 the theme is Medicine: #UnderTheScope with a focus on LGBT+ staff across the NHS and in other healthcare settings and the challenges faced by the LGBTQIA+ community in accessing healthcare.

LGBT+ History Month events

LGBT+ History Month takes place every February across the UK, celebrating all LGBTQIA+ individuals and communities, and taking time to reflect on the struggles of the past, and what still needs to change.

Help us celebrate where we are, and be part of the change towards a truly inclusive community.

LGBT+ History Month: Get Involved!

Kent Union are collecting student stories and launching the LGBTQIA+ Student Voices project. Find out more below!

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We have developed a huge amount of resources for you to learn and discover more, from the University LGBT+ History Month Reading list to Kent Union's Curiosity Hub.

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LGBTQIA+ History at Kent

We have taken a deep dive into the Special Collections Archives at the University of Kent to explore our LGBTQIA+ history. If you know of anything that we should add, let us know on



The University Gay Liberation Group organises and hosts the 1st National Lesbian Conference. 

There are links with radical women, political Left and national gay liberation groups, and they face letter attacks by the National Front in the press.



GaySoc are mentioned for the first time and are one of the first Union societies established. They organise a successful National Festival of Gay Arts. They love discos!



GayLine is established. It was open every Saturday between 8pm and 8am and run by gay men and women.   

The Student Union Handbook mentions GaySoc, GayLine and a Women's Group 

A Gay Christians group is established.



The Student Union Handbook includes information on the Women's Office, Niteline and Gayline and a two-page article on 'Exploding the Myths About Aids'.



The Student Union fights against Section 28 with the campaign 'Get Your Clause Out Of Our Lives'.



Hearsay, the Women's Handbook, mentions the Canterbury Lesbian Group and the Canterbury Lesbian Line, and a student interview about being an out lesbian at UKC. The Women's Officer promotes gay rights.



A Positive Image Group 'PIG' is created. A new 'Smash the Section' campaign against Section 28 is launched. Welfare information about Aids and safer sex is included in the Kent Student Union Annual Report.



The University of Kent Student Union has a Gay and Bisexual Rights Vice President and a Lesbian and Bisexual Rights Vice President.

There is a campaign to 'Paint The Cathedral Pink' and advice for gay-friendly nights out in the Student Union manual.



Kent celebrates LGBT History Month as part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations.

The University sponsors the first Pride March in Canterbury. Staff and students march together.

The LGBTQ+ Mythbusters are created.



On-campus support group for Trans and Non-Binary people, TG Pals, is set up.

1st Trans Student Support Policy for students transitioning created.

LGBT+ Role Models Exhibition 'Out and Proud' featured LGBT people and allies sharing their stories



Kent Union introduces the LGBTQ+ Network to replace the Part-Time Officer roles.

The University creates safety guidance for LGBTQ+ students seeking to study or travel abroad.



Kent launches the Rainbow Lanyards for staff and students

The University hosts the Lambeth Conference and holds its first on-campus Pride march as part of the protest activity

Kent sponsors Medway Pride

Students create a LGBTQ+ In Lockdown exhibition



Kent launches the Gender Affirmation Fund; a pot of money to support students who identify as transgender, non-binary or gender neutral and can be used to help support students with the costs of gender affirming items.