Portrait of Professor James Hopker

Professor James Hopker

Deputy Director, Division of Natural Sciences


Dr James Hopker received his BSc (Hons) in Sports Rehabilitation and Sports Science from St. Mary's University College, Twickenham in 1999, and his MSc. in Sport and Exercise Science from Canterbury Christ Church University in 2003. James began his post at the University of Kent in 2004 and completed his PhD thesis on the influence of training on cycling efficiency and performance in 2009. Currently James is the Deputy Director of the Division of Natural Sciences, a Reader in Exercise Physiology, Director of Postgraduate Research, and a supervisor to PhD students.

Research interests

James' main research interest is concerned with responses to exercise and training. Specifically, his current research is concerned with the optimization of the exercise training process and how this can be considered on an individual basis from both applied practical, and mathematical/statistical perspectives. He has published an extensive number of research papers on the physiological adaptations to training using both cross-sectional and longitudinal approaches.

James' other research interests are concerned with examining the determinants to endurance exercise performance and he has published studies involving the role of the brain, neuromuscular system, and muscle physiology. 

James has also successfully obtained funding from a range of sources to support his work on exercise training, as well as from the NHS to translate some of his work on fit healthy individuals, into clinical populations. James also regularly provides scientific advice to athletes from amateur to professional level in cycling, triathlon, athletics and football.


James' teaching focuses on high-performance physiology, assessment and training for optimal performance and contemporary perspectives in sport research. He teaches at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

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