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Primary schools

The University works with a small number of selected primary schools delivering a variety of exciting large-scale events and small group mentoring work designed to raise aspirations and support the transition to secondary school.

Our work with Year 6 children builds on literacy, maths and science and we collaborate closely with academic schools at the University to utilise the specialist knowledge of academic staff to inform our activities.

The best experience I ever had because it was fun and also learning

Y6 participant of the Primary visit day

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Poetry Circus

A half day event providing an opportunity for children to enjoy creating poems and playing with words for their own sake, while building confidence in literacy skills. Experimental and exciting methods of producing poetry are used to ensure all participants write pieces they can be proud of. A follow-on session examines books and their content, enabling pupils to create their own book of poetry.

Students as Researchers

This full or half day event provides the opportunity for pupils to become researchers for a day. Focussing on the transition from primary to secondary school, pupils work in teams to conduct and present a piece of research to find out how pupils are feeling about the transition to secondary school.

How Clean is Your Classroom?

These two laboratory experiment sessions examine the development of germs and bacteria. Pupils have the opportunity to undertake experiments using lab coats and suitable safety equipment.

Water Rockets

In this half-day event pupils learn the basic science behind propulsion, gravity, thrust and aerodynamics before decorating and launching their own water rocket.

Playdough Maths

A hands-on hour showing how important mathematical concepts can be understood most easily not by equations, or numbers, but with a tub of Playdough. As well as showing why a coffee cup is the same is a doughnut, it addresses the age-old question of 'how many holes does your t-shirt have?’


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