Sponsored academies

University of Kent Academies Trust

The University of Kent Academies Trust (UKAT) was established on 1 September 2017. There are currently two secondary schools within the Trust.

The University of Kent has been lead sponsor of Brompton Academy, a mixed non-selective school, since 2010. Since 2014 Brompton Academy has been the most oversubscribed school in Medway. In 2017 Chatham Grammar, a selective school, joined the University of Kent Academies Trust. The two schools work closely together, and their sixth forms now run as a joint UKAT sixth form, allowing students at both schools access to a wider range of subjects and teaching facilities post 16. 

The University of Kent has sought to develop a relationship with both schools which goes well beyond a formal governance role, as part of its wider civic commitment to the Medway area, as well forming a pillar of its widening participation agenda. Kent’s ambition is to see both UKAT schools providing a well-rounded education within and beyond the classroom, supporting academic excellence as well as the wider development of students’ skills and experiences, with a particular focus on science and arts.

Close links with academic divisions and the engagement of undergraduate and postgraduate student ambassadors underpin the development of activities at both UKAT schools. 

In addition, by establishing a deep and long-term relationship with the UKAT schools, Kent works to impact students and the community over the long term. As well as supporting improved educational outcomes for students, UKAT is a hub for adult education through its community programme and its partnership with the university to deliver the Access Course.

Scholarships and funding

At Kent, we believe that talented students from a variety of backgrounds should have the opportunity to study here. That's why we have established one of the most generous financial support schemes in the UK.

In addition to the University's generous income related financial support package, a pool of scholarships is allocated to students attending partner schools and colleges, including members of UKAT and the Kent and Medway Progression Federation, and students on the University of Kent’s Access to HE Programme or University Entrance Diploma.