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Dr William Rowlandson

Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies


Office: Cornwallis North West 216

Office Hours: Monday 12.00-14.00


William Rowlandson is Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies at the University of Kent. He has published on various areas of Latin American studies, including the history of Guantánamo Bay and Gitmo detention centre, rendition, torture, Cuba during the War on Terror. He has also published studies of Borges, Lezama Lima, Cabrera Infante and Rulfo. William teaches aspects of Latin American cultural history, the prose and poetry of Borges, Cuban literature and film of the revolutionary era.

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Rowlandson, W. (2015). Imaginal Landscapes: Reflections on the Mystical Visions of Jorge Luis Borges and Emanuel Swedenborg. London: The Swedenborg Society.
Rowlandson, W. (2013). Borges, Swedenborg and Mysticism. Oxford: Peter Lang.
Rowlandson, W. (2007). Reading Lezama's Paradiso. [Online]. Oxford: Peter Lang. Available at:
Edited book
Voss, A. (2013). Daimonic Imagination: Uncanny Intelligence. Rowlandson, W. and Voss, A. eds. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
Rowlandson, W. ed. (2010). Biografía de un Cimarrón. [Online]. Manchester: Manchester University Press. Available at:
Kaufmann, P. and Rowlandson, W. (2006). 'The Sister' by Paola Kaufmann (Translation). Rowlandson, W. ed. Richmond, Surrey: Alma Books Ltd.
Cervantes, M. and Rowlandson, W. (2004). 'The Dialogue of the Dogs' by Miguel de Cervantes (Translation). Rowlandson, W. ed. London: Hesperus Press Ltd.
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Rowlandson, W. (2003). Cabrera Infante and Parody: Tracking Hemingway in 'Tres Tristes Tigres'. Modern Language Review 98:620-633.
Book section
Rowlandson, W. (2013). The Anaesthetic Revelation: Psychedelia and Mysticism. in: Adams, C. et al. eds. Breaking Conventions: Essays on Psychedelic Consciousness. London: Strange Attractor Press, pp. 229-241.
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Rowlandson, W. (2014). Review of: 'Talking with the Spirits: Ethnographies from between the Worlds' Hunter, J. and Luke, D. eds. Paranthropology 5:44-45.
Rowlandson, W. (2013). Review of Olivier Besancenot and Michael Lowy, 'Che Guevara: His Revolutionary Legacy'. Bulletin of Latin American Research [Online] 32:115-117. Available at:
Rowlandson, W. (2013). Review of Richard L. Harris, 'Che Guevara: A Biography'. Bulletin of Latin American Research [Online] 32:365-367. Available at:
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Rowlandson, W. (2012). Review of Gillian McGillivray, 'Blazing Cane: Sugar Communities, Class, and State Formation in Cuba, 1868-1959'. Bulletin of Hispanic Studies 89:215-216.
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Rowlandson, W. (2008). Review of Ana Cairo, 'José Martí y la novela de la cultura cubana'. Bulletin of Spanish Studies [Online] 85:263-265. Available at:
Rowlandson, W. (2005). Review of Carmen Teresa Hartman, 'Cabrera Infante's `Tres tristes tigres': The Trapping Effect of the Signifier over Subject and Text'. Modern Language Review 100:240-242.
Total publications in KAR: 35 [See all in KAR]
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William Rowlandson teaches modules on Latin American literature and culture.

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