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Dr Ian Cooper

Lecturer in German

Office: Cornwallis North West, Room 215


Ian Cooper studied Modern Languages at Christ’s College, Cambridge, and remained there to complete his doctorate. For three years he was then Centenary Research Fellow at Selwyn College, Cambridge, and for a further two years he held an Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship at the Deutsches Seminar, University of Göttingen, before joining the German Department at Kent as a Lecturer in 2012. His main research interests are in German poetry from Hölderlin to Celan, particularly as it relates to developments in philosophy from the post-Kantian period to Heidegger, and to the lyric in English from the nineteenth century to the present day. He is the author of The Near and Distant God: Poetry, Idealism and Religious Thought from Hölderlin to Eliot (2008), and is currently working on a follow-up monograph which seeks to understand the continued relevance of that intellectual context in Heidegger, Celan and contemporary poetry in English. This volume argues for a close interrelation between concepts of presence, language and historicity as developed in the German tradition and the work of, for example, Seamus Heaney and Les Murray. Dr Cooper has also written numerous articles on poetry in German and English, as well as on philosophy and intellectual history. He is a member of the Steering Committee of the Leverhulme Trust International Network ‘The Impact of Idealism: The Legacy of Post-Kantian German Thought’.

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Edited book
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Book section
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Dr Cooper teaches modules on German literature from the eighteenth century to the present day.

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