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Professor Natalia Sobrevilla Perea interviewed for BBC Radio 4's 'When Greeks Flew Kites'

7 February 2019

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Natalia Sobrevilla Perea, Professor of Latin American History in the Department of Modern Languages, was recently interviewed for BBC Radio 4’s ‘When Greeks Flew Kites’ programme for their latest episode on historical deadlocks.

The episode, recorded on Monday 4 February, takes a look at famous example of deadlock in history, in which Natalia brings up the example of General Juan Manuel de Rosas and the rigid manner in which his rules were enforced in Argentina.

“The deadlock in the aftermath of the Argentinian wars of independence that lasted from the 1810s into the 1820s,” Natalia states, “This led to a huge moment of confusion where strong leaders emerge trying to take control, very typical of south America in this period.”

This example of “strong men as a response to chaos” is used to draw parallels to current political events.

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