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Dr Laura Bailey

Lecturer in English Language and Linguistics


Office: Cornwallis Central 104

Office Hours: Tuesday 14.00-15.00

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I work primarily on theoretical syntax and typology, with a focus on polar interrogatives and non-standard syntax.

My PhD (2013, Newcastle University) was a cross-linguistic study of the syntax of polar question particles in the light of certain observations about the way the languages of the world are constrained. This touched on the semantics of polar questions, the syntax of disjunction and the relation between the two.

In addition, I am interested in the syntax of English dialects, and I am currently investigating the omission of prepositions in the varieties spoken in the southeast of England, as well as certain constructions found in ‘internetese’.

I blog regularly about language and linguistics at www.linguistlaura.blogspot.co.uk and tweet as @linguistlaura.

I am interested in supervising PhD students working in a generative syntax framework, and especially projects within the areas of non-standard syntax, questions, or comparative syntax. ​

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Edited book
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Book section
Bailey, L. (2015). Word order and the syntax of question particles. in: Hancil, S., Haselow, A. and Post, M. eds. Final Particles. Berlin: De Gruyter, pp. 407-426. Available at: http://www.degruyter.com/view/product/361470.
Bailey, L. (2019). Some characteristics of Southeast English preposition dropping. Iberia: An international journal of theoretical linguistics.
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Laura Bailey teaches modules on morphology and on syntax.

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English Language & Linguistics, School of European Culture and Languages, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7NF

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