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Staff in the Department of Politics and International Relations published some notable research during the year. Professor Richard Sakwa is a renowned expert on Russian affairs and produced the book Putin: Russia’s Choice. Vladimir Putin has made a major domestic and international impact since being elected Russian President in March 2000 and yet remarkably little is known about him in the West. This study provides the biographical and political context to explain Putin’s astonishing rise from anonymous KGB apparatchik to leader of one of the world’s most important and significant countries.

Dr Andrea den Boer co-authored Bare Branches: The Security Implications of Asia’s Surplus Male Population, which examined the political and social implications of the phenomenon of the ‘missing women’ in Asia. Looking into the origins of the practice, as well as examining historical periods in which there was a similar dearth of females in society, it showed that historically, high male-to-female ratios often trigger domestic and international violence. The research focuses primarily on the implications for India and China, where sex-selective practices have led to millions of unmarriageable men and levels of increasing violence as the sex ratios worsen. Following its publication in June the book attracted worldwide media attention.

In addition Emeritus Professor and former Professor of Government Colin Seymour-Ure published a very timely book, Prime Ministers and the Media: Issues of Power and Control.

Other publications produced by Kent staff during 2003/2004 included:


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