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Dr Christiana Iordanou

Lecturer in Developmental Psychology

Partnership Schools Co-ordinator
Member of Ethics Team

Christiana Iordanou


Christiana completed an MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology (Loughborough University), an MSc in Developmental Psychology (Lancaster University) and a PhD in Lancaster University. She also has two PG qualifications in Drama Therapy and in Group Analytic Psychotherapy, as well as extensive clinical experience in numerous mental health settings in the Greek NHS and private sector.

Research interests

Christiana's research interests encompass forensic developmental psychology. She is particularly interested in how different non-verbal interview methods (i.e. drawing, dramatisation) can facilitate young children's eyewitness accounts and how children's own internal characteristics interact with these methods to either facilitate or hinder their reports. Some research questions she has attempted to answer are:

  • Does drawing and dramatisation facilitate young children's eyewitness testimony after different time delays? 
  • Do children's internal characteristics (i.e. temperament, mood, symbolic ability, language ability) interact with different interview methods to facilitate their reports?
  • Does the content of children's drawings involve forensically relevant information and how does that change over time? 
  • Do children's drawings of a past event act as memory aids of that event after a delay?
  • Does drawing facilitate adults' memory of an event?

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