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Professor Roger Giner-Sorolla

Professor of Social Psychology

Visiting Speakers Co-ordinator

Roger Giner-Sorolla

PG students

Current research students

  • Sarah Osman (University of Kent 50th Anniversary Research Scholarship): Violent thugs or vulnerable youth? Reshaping how we think of gang members: An examination into their emotional and mental health needs (2nd supervisor)
  • Heather Rolfe: TBA
  • Ann-Christine Wikman: TBA

Past research students

  • Dr Tom Kupfer (University of Kent 50th Anniversary Research Scholarship): A reputation management and signalling account of moral disgust and moral contagion (2018)
  • Dr Darren McGee: Antecedents of shame and guilt in self-control, and harm (2017)
  • Dr John Sabo (School of Psychology Departmental Studentship): The Fictive Pass Asymmetry: Condemnation of harm, but not purity, is mitigated by fictional contexts (2017)
  • Dr Stine Lokkeberg (2017)
  • Dr Valeschka Guerra: Individual and cultural differences in bases for moral judgment (Degree awarded July 2009)
  • Dr Roberto Gutierrez: Anger and disgust in moral judgment (Degree awarded July 2007)
  • Dr Neil McClatchie: Guilt, self-control, and the brain
  • Dr Pascale Russell: Disgust, anger, and emotional justification
  • Dr Erica Zaiser: Reception of intergroup apologies by apologizing group members
  • Dr Arielle Sagrillo Scarpati (CAPES Foundation): The role of culture and morality on men's acceptance of sexual aggression myths and perpetration of rape in Brazil and the United Kingdom (2018) (2nd supervisor)
  • Dr Pelin Gul (School of Psychology Departmental Studentship): Masculine honour leads to greater reputational concerns about gender conformity (2017) (2nd supervisor)
  • Dr Tom Page (School of Psychology Departmental Studentship): Sexual harassment: Investigating the role of social-cognitive mechanisms and group-based emotions (2015) (2nd supervisor)



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