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Professor Roger Giner-Sorolla

Professor of Social Psychology

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Roger Giner-Sorolla


Research interests

My research interests include emotions and moral judgment; emotion and self-control; and intergroup emotions.  Particularly important in my work are the emotion pairs anger versus disgust, and shame versus guilt, as well as the more general distinction between self-conscious emotions (e.g. guilt) and non-self-conscious emotion (e.g. anxiety).  I also am interested in the automaticity of emotional influences on judgment, both in general, and in comparing the automaticity of different emotion types.  Some applications of my recent work have been to: judgments of moral deviance; legal decision making; eating and dieting; and intergroup apologies.

Key publications

  • Russell, P.S., & Giner-Sorolla, R. (2013). Bodily-moral disgust: What it is, how it is different from anger and why it is an unreasoned emotion. Psychological Bulletin, 139, 328-351.
  • Zaiser, E., & Giner-Sorolla, R. (2013). Saying sorry: Shifting obligation after conciliatory acts satisfies perpetrator group members. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 105, 585-604.
  • Russell, P.S., & Giner-Sorolla, R. (2011). Moral anger, but not moral disgust, responds to intentionality. Emotion, 11, 233-240.
  • Giner-Sorolla, R., & Espinosa, P. (2011). Social cueing of guilt by anger and shame by disgust. Psychological Science, 22, 49-53.





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