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Extended contact in childhood

This research project was concerned with promoting positive attitudes towards stigmatized groups (the disabled and refugees) through a relatively new concept in social psychology, extended contact. We designed a school-based intervention in which children read stories that featured friendships between in- and out-group children. We evaluated the technique to see what effect it had on children's attitudes. The findings were published in academic journals, but here you can find various reports and presentations of findings designed for a wider audience.

Well-being, identity and peer relations among chidren in Kent & Sussex

This research project was conducted in 2005-2008 and was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. We wanted to build up a picture of the lives of children living in Kent & Sussex.

We focused on children aged 5-11 years.

  • We wanted to know: Do children feel that they fit in at school? Do they feel that
    they are accepted by their peers? Are they able to interact with their peers?
    Generally, how good is their behaviour? Do they have high self-esteem?
  • We also wanted to study how children relate to and understand their national
    and ethnic group. We included British Asian and white British children.
  • We wanted to know: Do British Asian and white British children feel attached to
    their ethnic and national groups? Is it important to them? What do they think
    about Asian British people maintaining their customs in the UK? Do they think
    that interactions between children and families from different ethnic groups are a
    good thing?
  • Furthermore, have children experienced any bullying because of their ethnicity?
  • Furthermore, how much do all these attitudes, behaviours and experiences change
    with age, gender, ethnicity and social context (ethnic diversity of school)?

Attitude is everything

This project was conducted with WEDG (World Education Development Group) and was funded by Oxfam. We introduced educational techniques in early years settings to promote positive attitudes towards diversity. This 3 year project was highly successful and provided some of the first evidence for the effectiveness of Persona Dolls in promoting positive attitudes towards diversity and difference.

Making friends

This research project was funded by the Local Education Authority in Kent and was conducted in conjunction with WEDG. We introduced our new technique called 'Storytelling with a Difference', which draws on children's imaginations to promote positive attitudes towards difference.

Tackling racism

This large-scale project is funded by the Lottery and is conducted in partnership with Race Equality Sandwell. The project is ongoing, and we are currently analysing data closely. Below is a leaflet outlining the project in greater detail.



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