Portrait of Dr Ben Seyd

Dr Ben Seyd

Senior Lecturer in British and Comparative Politics


Ben’s research focuses on public opinion, particularly mass orientations towards government, political or institutional trust (on which I am currently writing a book) and attitudes towards democracy and democratic processes. He has also conducted research on the nature, design and effects of political institutions, and on citizen opinion towards electoral reform and devolution in Britain. Ben’s teaching focuses on public opinion and political behaviour at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Research interests

My research focuses on public opinion, particularly around how people evaluate government actors and institutions. I am currently writing a book on political trust. I also conduct research on people’s attitudes towards democratic processes, and have conducted studies on how people evaluate different political institutions. 

See my website for further details about my research, publications and working papers.  


I teach core Politics modules, as well as contributing to teaching on the Masters in Political Psychology.




I am available to supervise PhD students in the fields of public opinion and political behaviour (political participation and electoral choice). I can also supervise students interested in other aspects of British and comparative politics, particularly the nature and effects of different political institutions.
Current research students: 

Ana Maria Lobos, 'The Crisis of Political Legitimacy in Chile and its Impact on Punitive Attitudes'
Linus Peitz (Psychology) 'Supranationalism, Ideology and Attitudes to Europe'
Kieran Wright, 'Nationalism and Party Competition in Scotland'
Bizuneh Yimenu, 'The Autonomy of Regional States in Ethiopia'


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