Dr Jamie Gruffydd-Jones

Lecturer in Politics and International Relations
+44 (0)1227 (82)3346
Dr Jamie Gruffydd-Jones


Jamie joined the School in 2018 and is a Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, teaching classes on East Asian politics and international relations. His research interests lie in authoritarian politics, nationalism, and international relations, focusing on China. Jamie's work explores how international efforts to change a regime's behaviour influence domestic politics and public opinion, and the causes and consequences of rises in authoritarian and nationalist sentiment. Some of this work is published in Comparative Political Studies, Democratization, and Security Studies. In his current book project Jamie examines the impacts of foreign human rights pressure on Chinese citizens' political and social preferences, using experimental and survey data, public interviews, and analysis of Chinese media. Jamie received his PhD in Security Studies from Princeton and has worked as an advisor and policy officer for the UK government.  

Research interests

  • Chinese Politics
  • Authoritarianism and its spread
  • Human Rights
  • Nationalism
  • Public Opinion





Jamie is happy to supervise students interested in the spread of authoritarianism and the impacts of Chinese political influence overseas. Projects are also welcome on questions more broadly related to public opinion, human rights, and authoritarian countries, as well as Chinese politics and international relations.

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