'Living with toxic pollution has become a normal condition of life.'

Iain MacKenzie interviews Dipali Mathur about her new publication.

Dr Iain MacKenzie recently interviewed Dr Dipali Mathur for the Paris Institute for Critical Thinking  ‘Bookaholic’ podcast.

“The abnormal condition of living with and being continually exposed to pollution has become an accepted part of life, rather than something that gets us riled and drives us to take action.”

Mathur’s book, ‘Available to be Poisoned: Toxicity as a Form of Life‘, uses three case studies from India, Mathur’s birthplace, to examine the chronic toxic pollution that she argues, has become ‘normal’ to live amongst in the modern day. She examines the role of capitalism and profit in this pollution crisis and says that governments must do more to tackle it.

Listen to the podcast here.

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