International Training School Brings Together Experts from Across the Globe

The 3rd Early Career Researcher’s Training School on “Human Security in a Globalizing World” was organised and hosted between 15-19 February 2021, by ADA University’s Centre of Excellence in EU Studies under the aegis of the GCRF COMPASS Project and Jean Monnet Chair Dr Anar Valiyev.

The Training School (TS) has been tailored to offer an opportunity for research development, capacity building, exchange of ideas and network-building for PhD and postdoctoral students working in the field of security.

Security phenomenon from broader approaches was reviewed during the week while considering security threats where the security landscape is influenced by and has possible implications across different sectors such as the economy, the environment, geopolitics, migration, gender equality.

Conducted digitally this year, the international TS brought together participants and experts from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Tajikistan, UK, US and Uzbekistan. An insightful and engaging programme included presentation and discussion of papers submitted by the selected participants by appointed discussants, skill workshops by senior scholars and keynote lectures by the leading experts in the field.

The list of the prominent international experts who enriched the discussion throughout the week includes but is not limited to:

The programme of the Training School can be found here

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