Kent students make it to the finals of UK Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge

POLIR student Ben Treacy is among a team of four Kent students competing as ‘Kentish Cyber’ in the finals of the UK Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge.

“It’s really exciting to be part of the Kentish Cyber team and I am looking forward to competing against the other prestigious universities, it will be a real challenge!” Ben told us “I am hoping we get a good result and demonstrate Kent’s collective excellence in Cybersecurity and Policy studies and I hope I can represent the POLIR school well as part of the team.”

It’s the first time the University and Kent’s new Institute for Advanced Studies in Cyber Security and Conflict (SoCyETAL) will be represented at the competition.

The team, coached by Dr Gareth Mott, also includes Keenan Jones and Nandita Pattnaik from the School of Computing, and Law student Hala Zein.

The online strategy challenge sees competitors take on the role of senior advisors to government and industry as they face a complex, escalating cyber-attack. Teams use varied technical and non-technical expertise from different disciplines to assess the unfolding threat before briefing a panel of senior UK and international cyber leaders on potential mitigation strategies.

Dr Gareth Mott said: ‘We are elated and proud that Kentish Cyber have made it through to the final of the UK Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge. We hope our students make the most of this fantastic interactive learning experience and “real-life” scenario-based challenge. This is a great opportunity for our team to gain first-hand experience with the critical challenge of ensuring cyber-security in an increasingly interconnected world. Our staff and students are delighted to be a part of this endeavour for the first time of hopefully many. Kentish Cyber will embrace the chance to showcase the strength and breadth of ‘big tent’ interdisciplinary teaching and research in cyber security at Kent.’

The finals take place on Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 February and will be hosted by the Atlantic Council UK.

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