Dr Alexandra Trofimov

Research Associate
Dr Alexandra Trofimov


Alexandra is currently working on a Leverhulme funded project ‘EBL+: New Philosophical Foundations for Evidence-Based Law’.

Alexandra previously worked as a lecturer in Kent Law School (2022-2023) and the Philosophy Department (2018-2021) at the University of Kent.  

Research interests

 Alexandra’s research interests are in moral philosophy, epistemology and law. 

Alexandra’s current research focuses on applying Evidential Pluralism to evidence-based law. The aim of the research is to provide a systematic account of the evidence required to assess the effectiveness of legal interventions. This, in turn, aims to improve the effectiveness of legal interventions and increase transparency and accountability in the development and implementation of legal interventions. 

Alexandra also works on the epistemic condition on moral and legal responsibility. Alexandra’s PhD thesis developed an account of the epistemic condition on moral responsibility and the conditions under which ignorance ought to excuse. 

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