Dr David Corfield

Senior Lecturer in Philosophy
+44 (0)1227 824002
Dr David Corfield


Dr David Corfield joined Kent in 2007, having taught and worked in a number of institutions, including the universities of Leeds, Cambridge and Oxford and Tübingen. 

He is the author of Towards a Philosophy of Real Mathematics (Cambridge, 2003) and co-author of Why do people get ill? (Hamish-Hamilton, 2007). In 2020, he published Modal Homotopy Type Theory: The Prospect of a New Logic for Philosophy (OUP).

Research interests

David's research interests include historically-informed philosophy of mathematics; the possible roles for Type theory in philosophy; and the philosophy of medicine, in particular the mind-body relation. His current research concerns the new foundational language for mathematics known as 'homotopy type theory'. 

David is co-director of the Centre for Reasoning at Kent and is also one of the three owners of the blog The n-category Café, where the implications for philosophy, mathematical and physical of the exciting new language of higher-dimensional category theory are discussed. In 2007 David published Why do people get ill? (co-authored with Darian Leader), which aimed to revive interest in the psychosomatic approach to medicine. He intends to carry out further work in the philosophy of medicine. 


David teaches the philosophy of mathematics, science and medicine, and logic.

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