Dr Edward Kanterian

Reader in Philosophy
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Dr Edward Kanterian


Dr Edward Kanterian completed his MA in Philosophy, History and Sociology at the University of Leipzig in Germany, with a thesis on Frege and Husserl on sense and reference, before undertaking a DPhil on the semantics of descriptive singular terms at the University of Oxford, completed in 2006.

After finishing his DPhil, Edward spent five years at Trinity College and Jesus College at Oxford as a Lecturer in Philosophy. He joined the Department of Philosophy at the University of Kent in 2011.

He is a member of the UK Kant Society and the Aristotelian Society, and a reviewer for the AHRC, OUP, Routledge, Columbia University Press and Bloomsbury, as well as for journals such as MindPhilosophical QuarterlyKantian Review etc.  

Research interests

Edward's current research is in environmental philosophy and political-legal philosophy. He has authored four books, including Kant, God and Metaphyics (2018). He is working on his fifth book, on ancient, medieval and modern theories of communal property, and has also a planned book on humanity and the Earth.

He has a number of other interests as well, in theoretical philosophy, but also in the ethics of memory, in history, religion, art and poetry.  


Dr Edward Kanterian teaches metaphysics & epistemology, political philosophy, rights and duties, environmental ethics and climate change, philosophy of language, Kant, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche, and Wittgenstein.

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