Professor Richard Norman

Emeritus Professor of Moral Philosophy


Professor Richard Norman is Emeritus Professor of Moral Philosophy. 

His work has been mainly in the areas of ethics and political philosophy. His book The Moral Philosophers, which has been widely used in courses on moral philosophy, is a critical introduction to the history of ethics, leading to a defence of a form of ethical naturalism. His conception of values as grounded in shared human experience underpins his subsequent work in ethics and political philosophy. 

Richard's book Free and Equal defends a radically egalitarian political philosophy which aims to reconcile the supposedly conflicting values of freedom and equality. His book Ethics, Killing and War argues for pacificism, a position which is distinct from absolute pacifism but recognises how difficult it is to provide any moral justification for war. In On Humanism (Routledge, 2004), his commitment to shared human values is located within a popular exposition and defence of a non-religious outlook.

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