Dr Lubomira Radoilska

Senior Lecturer in Philosophy


Dr Lubomira Radoilska has published widely on issues such as reasons, autonomy and action, belief and trust. She is the author of Addiction and Weakness of Will (Oxford University Press, 2013) and editor of Autonomy and Mental Disorder (Oxford University Press, 2012). Her research has attracted major awards, most recently a Newton Advanced Fellowship by the British Academy (2018-2021) and a Mind Association Fellowship (2016-2017). 

She is Editor-in-Chief of Ethical Theory and Moral Practice and a member of the Advisory Committee of the British Society for Ethical Theory (BSET).

Research interests

Lubomira‚Äôs main research interests are in ethics, philosophy of action and epistemology. She works on issues at the intersection of responsibility, reasons and agency (epistemic and practical). 

Her current projects include 'EIRA: Epistemic Injustice, Reasons and Agency', with Veli Mitova at the University of Johannesburg; and 'NABC: Norms of Action and Belief in the Clinic', with Regent Lee, VBP Collaborating Centre, St Catherine's College, University of Oxford.   


Lubomira teaches courses in philosophy of mind and action, ethics and political philosophy.

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