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Will you help us be the change in the fight against Parkinson’s disease?

Parkinson’s disease is incurable, severely debilitating and the fastest growing brain condition with 1 in 37 people being diagnosed at some point in their lifetime.  By 2065 that number is set to double which is why it is so important that investments into Parkinson’s therapies are made now to support those experiencing this devastating illness.

Here at the University of Kent, we are tackling Parkinson’s head on through a new partnership with the Kent MS Therapy Centre. Through this partnership we will open the Parkinson’s Centre for Integrated Therapy, the first of its kind in the UK, by spring 2023.

To make this Centre a reality, we are hopeful that kind supporters and friends of the University, like you, will show their support to bring our vision to life, enabling us to give hundreds of patients and their families access to the urgent additional care they need.

Your support will enable us to offer hope to so many people, be they local to Kent or further afield, enabling us to share learnings from the Centre with the wider world, helping so many more people living with Parkinson’s to experience a better quality of life.  

Will you join us in re-writing the future of Parkinson’s disease and the lives of those experiencing it?

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Your support will make all the difference in helping us provide treatment to those that need it most.


We would like to thank our many supporters who have taken part in various charity events such as walks, runs, skydives, bake sales and concerts to raise money for the Centre, we are most grateful to them for their support.

If you would like to organise your own fundraising event, we are here to support you.  Contact us to let us know your fundraising ideas and find out how we can help you promote your event.   Alternatively why not ask for donations to support our work instead of receiving birthday, Christmas or anniversary gifts.  Whether you want to achieve a life-long ambition or simply do something to help people affected by Parkinson’s, holding a fundraising event really will make a difference to the work that we do.  Your efforts will bring us one step closer to ensuring that people with Parkinson’s live better for longer. 

Set up your online fundraising page today.

Hear from one of our fundraisers

Peter Roger and Francis Ball are both living with Parkinson’s and after hearing about our plans to open the Centre they decided to do what they could to support our vision. Peter explains:

“Supported all the way by our wives, Brenda and Theresa, we decided that one way of helping would be to organise a walk to get interested people together and to raise funds. Despite a few challenges, our friends got behind us and everything came together for a successful walk at which we raised over £1,700 which we were absolutely delighted with.  This will go a long way to help the Centre support people like us with Parkinson’s. I urge others to get involved and fundraise for this vital cause.”