Case Studies

Case Studies

Read about the people who our team of experts have already worked with.  

Case Study 1 - Roseanne McCabe

Roseanne McCabe (pictured above) was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 32 years ago. Over time, despite trying a range of treatments including Deep Brain Stimulation, she found it more and more difficult to go to the shops or to the beach on her own. 

After hearing about David Wilkinson’s work at the University of Kent, Roseanne signed up to try the non-invasive neurostimulation device - and saw a marked improvement after just a few weeks. 

Her balance got better and she was able to get herself up from her wheelchair and take herself to the bathroom. She could now walk on her husband’s arm from the car to a restaurant; giving her back pieces of independence that had a real impact on her everyday well-being.

Case Study 2 - David

After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, David began experiencing difficulties co-ordinating his movement, remembering key information or sleeping, and soon felt depressed and anxious at his condition. 

Two months of daily neurostimulation treatment self-administered at home led to life-changing improvements - he could now get up out of the armchair and help out with the daily chores; he could even leave the house for walks or a wander to the pub. 

An increase in mobility, memory and sleep were all still evident five months later, along with reduced depression and anxiety.