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Frequently Asked Questions

The Centre's location is:

Kent MS Therapy Centre
Bradbury House
Merton Lane North
Kent CT4 7DZ

The Parkinson’s Centre for Integrated Therapy is operated in partnership with the Kent Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre which will host and support the new Centre in their purpose-built neurological facility.

The communal facilities that are accessible for both people with Parkinson’s and people living with multiple sclerosis include a waiting area, a warm social space with help-yourself kitchenette, individual treatment rooms, gymnasium, outdoor gym equipment, large group rooms, hydrotherapy pool, oxygen chamber and accessible toilets and changing rooms. Parking spaces directly outside are available for Centre visitors including disabled parking bays for blue badge holders.

 The Centre is in a self-contained area that is easily accessible, next to a car park, and features green gardens with tables, chairs, and outdoor gym. The facilities can be previewed here: virtual tour.

The Parkinson’s Centre for Integrated Therapy will launch and begin offering Parkinson’s therapies in the April

Find out more about the Parkinson’s Centre for Integrated Therapies.

Alternatively, you can contact us at: Parkinsons@kent.ac.uk

If you would to visit our facility please contact us at: info@kentmstc.org or 01227 470 876

We aim to make the Centre as inclusive as possible. Different treatments may require us to consider different factors. We will also need consider our practical capacity and funding limits.     

You will meet with our team members who will explain how things work and the kinds of activities you can get involved with.

You will be asked to complete several surveys and tasks to help us find out more about your symptoms and daily life. We will use this information to determine which therapies might be relevant for you and to track your symptoms over time. 

Everyone will need to attend the Centre at least once in-person to learn about the services on offer, ask questions, give informed consent, and to complete several surveys and tasks ahead of enrolment.

Tailored programmes for multidisciplinary therapeutic support will be created for each individual based on the tasks completed at their initial visit and personal health needs.

Most therapeutic sessions will need to take place within the Centre, some treatments may take place remotely.

Find out more about Our Services. 

We apply two different types of non-invasive neurostimulation in our research. One delivers thermal stimulation (gradual heating and cooling) via a small metal probe embedded within a pair of headphones, the other delivers gentle electrical currents to the bony patch of skin behind your ear. 

The thermal stimulation device is very portable so is great for our research studies where people need to stimulate at home for several weeks. The electrical stimulation device has lots of parameters, which can be carefully controlled so lends itself to our experimental studies in our laboratories. 

Find out more about neurostimulation research.

Parkinson’s charities offer a variety of information on Parkinson’s, symptoms, prevention, how to improve life, and support resources on their websites.

Parkinson’s Care and Support,
UK, PO Box 3251,
Mitcham, CR4 9EN
Tel: 020 3380 2573

Parkinson’s UK
215 Vauxhall Bridge Road
Tel: 020 7931 8080
Homepage | Parkinson's UK 

If you would like to support our vital work by making a financial contribution of any level, please contact:

Anna Pollard, Philanthropy Manager, University of Kent 
A.J.Pollard@kent.ac.uk or 01227 824670

Alternatively you can make your gift online or take part in a fundraising event in aid of the Parkinson’s Centre for Integrated Therapy.