How do I contact the Vice-Chancellor?

All requests for meetings or phone calls should be directed by email to Ruth Johnson (  It is helpful if you can provide a brief outline of what you need to see the Vice-Chancellor about.  You will then be contacted with some possible dates.  Meetings with the Vice-Chancellor take place in her office (139 Registry).

All other communications to the Vice-Chancellor should be made by email to (  Depending on the nature of your query, it may be that the Vice-Chancellor will ask another senior colleague to respond to you.

Please note:

The Vice-Chancellor does not make procurement decisions for the University on products or services.  Sales approaches should be directed to who compile lists of the University’s approved suppliers.  

The Vice-Chancellor does not personally refer candidates for roles.  Recruitment agencies should liaise with our Human Resources department.


How do I invite the Vice-Chancellor to an event?

If you wish to invite the Vice-Chancellor to your event you need to give as much notice as you can.  The Vice-Chancellor’s diary can be booked up to 6 months in advance provided you have a definite date and times.


How do I get a document signed by the Vice-Chancellor?

Returns/Agreements which require the signature of the Vice-Chancellor/Head of Institution should be provided hard copy to Ruth Johnson. This should be accompanied by a covering note to the VC outlining the document’s purpose and confirming that it has been checked and approved by the relevant school/department.  Once signed the department will be notified that the document is ready for collection.  If an official stamp is required on the document this can be added when collecting.

If time is very short it is sometimes possible to issue a document with the Vice-Chancellor’s e-signature on her agreement by email.

Where a letter of support is required for an application for a grant etc, a draft letter should be emailed to David Powell ( together with supporting documentation.  A letter will then be produced in the Vice-Chancellor’s house style.  Once the letter has been signed this will be scanned back to the department for inclusion in the application.  If the hard copy is required, this can be collected from the OVC office.