New Undergraduate course: BSc Data Science

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We are pleased to announce the launch of our new undergraduate courses, BSc Data Science and BSc Data Science with a Year in Industry, jointly delivered by the University of Kent’s  School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science and School of Computing.

Modern societies produce huge amounts of data, which is only useful if we can analyse it and gain practical insights. Data science combines powerful computing technology, sophisticated statistical methods, and expert subject knowledge to carry out this analysis. An emerging field in recent decades, data science is now an exciting, fulfilling and high-profile career choice.

On this exciting new course you gain a systematic understanding of key aspects of knowledge associated with data science and the capability to deploy established approaches accurately. You learn to analyse and solve problems using a high level of skill in calculation and manipulation of the material in the following areas: data mining and modelling, artificial intelligence techniques/statistical machine learning and big data analytics. You also learn how to apply key aspects of big data science and artificial intelligence/statistical machine learning in well-defined contexts. In addition, you plan and develop a project themed in a data science area such as business, environment, finance, medicine, pharmacy and public health.

If you want to gain paid industry experience as part of your degree, our Placements Team will support you in developing the skills and knowledge needed to successfully secure a placement through a specialist programme of workshops and events. We have had rich experience in running industrial placement related BSc courses with a wide range of links to industry, currently holding the top two largest placement student groups in the University.

Find out more about BSc Data Science here: 

And you can also find out more about our BSc Data Science with a Year in Industry course here:

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