19th Century UK Periodicals

Fully searchable facsimile resource for the study of British life in the nineteenth century through mainly magazines and serials

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Covers the events, lives, values, and themes that shaped the nineteenth century world. It provides an insight into British life in the nineteenth century, from art and literature to business, and from children to politics.

Contains monographs, periodicals and serials which covers the advent of commercial lifestyle publishing in Britain, drawn from the remarkable collections of the British Library, National Library of Scotland, National Library of Australia, and National Library of South Africa.

The series acts as a barometer of literacy and social mobility in the 1800s, with a particular focus on the rarely documented aspects of women, children, humour, and leisure activity in the Victorian age. The rise of magazine publishing is reflected in the selection of publications, spanning publications aimed at and tailored to various audiences, including women and children.

You have access to part 1, which focusses on women's, children's, humour, and leisure titles.

Useful if you study:

  • History
  • British History
  • 19th Century history