Deposited papers and book collection from Hewlett Johnson, the 'Red' Dean of Canterbury (1931-1963). In 2007 the collection was given to the University of Kent by members of Johnson's family, who also donated additional photographs and papers.

The collection consists of:

  • photographs, which reflect the full range of Hewlett Johnson's interests and activities, both as a private and public figure
  • correspondence with his wide range of contacts at home and abroad
  • copies of his writings, both published and unpublished;
  • notes for sermons
  • diaries of foreign travel kept by his second wife Nowell
  • collections of newspaper cuttings
  • Canterbury Cathedral Chapter meeting minutes, between September 1936 - December 1939;
  • postcards
  • miscellaneous items including posters and other ephemera.

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Collection in brief

Contents: personal papers, books, photographs, postcards, cuttings, notes, meeting minutes
Period: 20th century
Subjects: religion, history, politics, travel

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