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MA, LLB, PhD (Cantab)
Dr (Maastricht)
Dr (honoris causa) (Nancy 2)
Professor of Law. Joined Kent Law School in 1997 after having been Reader in Law at Lancaster University.
Visiting professor: University of Dijon (1980 & 1981)
Universities of Paris I and Paris II (Professeur associé) (1994-95)
University of Paris II (1996, 1999-2000, 2000-2001, 2005)
University of Zaragoza (1997)
University of Paris I (since 2000)
Sciences-Po (Paris) (since 2007)
University of Nancy (since 1990)
University of Lille (2001)
University of Bordeaux (since 2003)
University of Littoral (since 2004)
University of Fribourg (since 2004)
University of Auckland (2007, 2009)
University of Corsica (Since 2009)
University of Aix-en-Provence (since 2011)
Co-Director Kent Centre for European and Comparative Law..

Research Areas: European and Comparative Law


Geoffrey's research interests include

  • Law of Obligations (English, Roman and French)
  • Comparative law
  • Legal Remedies
  • Legal Theory
  • Legal Epistemology

Major research projects

  • Epistemology and methodology in law
  • Legal reasoning
  • Comparative law of obligations
  • Comparative law theory
  • Law and its relationship with the social sciences
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Also view these in the Kent Academic Repository

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Teaching and Supervision


  • Course convenor European Legal Systems (LW552)


  • LLM course convenor in European Contract Law (LW836)
  • European Comparative Law (LW807)
  • Comparative Obligations (LW821)


  • Postgraduate research supervision
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Other Academic Activities

Editorial Work

  • Journal of Comparative Law (on Editorial Board)
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